Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kindness of Strangers, part 2

Shortly after the interaction mentioned in the previous entry, i came across a note made during a teaching in September (the first teachings i received after returning to the U.S. from India & Nepal at the end of August)... Teachings given by His Holiness Chetsang Rinpoche --- current head of the Drikung Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

Amongst the 11 pages of sticky notes from the empowerments of Five-fold Mahamudra and Great Bodhichitta, there was this:

The Four Immeasurables
Loving-kindness (the joyful aspect)
Compassion (the rough/uneasy aspect) 
Lord Jigten Sumgon says loving-kindness is easier to practice regularly.

Lord Jigten Sumgon's Pith Instructions on the Experience of the Four Immeasurables:
Loving-kindness like ones feels for a beautiful child (marveling at every action).
Compassion like one feels for a leper. 
Joy like one feels when reunited with loved ones.
Equanimity like one feels just on the verge of sleep.

Lord Jigten Sumgon, founder of the Drikung Kagyu lineage

Read this and realized just how profound the teachings were, if these are my mere paltry notes on what was given.  Truly didn't appreciate them until recently.  It's just now starting to click...

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